4 Benefits of Steel Framed Home

1 – Cost-effective

While timber is an affordable building material than steel, steel could be lighter and much easier to assemble. This shows that steel can be more affordable during the building stage. When you think about all the benefits you receive from steel compared to timber framing, steel is better value for money.

2 – Stronger & Straighter

Steel will provide your home a straighter finish, particularly along rooflines, walls, and ceilings, which, when constructed from timber, can visibly flex and warp with time. Steel offers stronger foundations stopping your home from sloping and sinking as time go on. Steel also prevents damage from storms, wind and lightning much better than timber.

3 – Fire Resistant

Timber-framed homes are susceptible to fire, as we have seen with the several tragedies that have happened across Brisbane. Steel is fire resistant, and will not warp or bend in the fire. Steel framing can mean the difference between repairing your home or rebuilding it completely.

4 – Termite proof

Termites are considered as the ‘silent destroyer’, generally undetected, eating away at the depths of your house, until it’s too late. While treated timber maybe termite resistant, treatment normally only work for about 25 years Steel framing offers a lifetime guarantee against termites damaging your home, without the added toxins and chemicals.
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