6 Most Recommended Places To Go Trekking Near Mumbai!

When it comes to being adventurous, Mumbai has a lot of options. From rafting to camping and trekking near Mumbai, there’s so much you do to pursue your passion in this city of dreams. The treks near Mumbai mostly include forts nestled in the gorgeous Western Ghats. If you’re looking for off-beat weekend getaways near Mumbai, then this one’s for you. While Mumbai is also supremely famous for its glamorous nightlife, it’s the adventure options that will leave you awe-struck.

The entire region comes to life during the monsoons with lush greenery spread everywhere. The mountains are pristine and offer great choices for trekking, camping, and rock climbing enthusiasts.

So, when it comes to taking up something adventurous, there’s no better way to do it than this.

Six Best Options For Trekking Near Mumbai

1. Sudhagad Trek

The best way to get the most out of the mountains is through trekking/hiking. Sudhagad trek located about 10 Km from Pali village is where the Sudhagad Fort is situated. An easy hike to cover, this is an absolute bliss to opt for during the monsoons. You can also cover the Bhorai Devi Mandir, Pant Sahiv Wada, Chor Darwaja, Takmak Tok and Shiv Mandir.

2.Kalsubai Trek

How would you feel trekking up to the highest peak in the Sahyadri range? That’s what Kalsubai trek gives you. Located at a height of 1646 m in the Akole Taluka is the topmost peak of the Sahyadri Mountain range of Maharashtra. While the route starts from the village of Bari and you could take a trekking route or you could opt for an animal track, instead.

3. Naneghat Trek

The Naneghat mountain pass is located in the Western Ghats near the Junnar range in Pune. Situated on the way to Malshej Ghat, this thumb-like peak is the pinnacle of Vanarlingi, a very famous trekking spot. This route is absolutely mesmerizing when it is immersed in rains.

4. Camping At Kamshet

Venture into a journey of star gazing and solar observation while camping at Kamshet. This experience comes with the dual offer of fun and learning as you derive a deep insight of the celestial bodies from the expert guide. Also, enjoy yourselves by participating in outdoor games at campsite and forest trail.

5. Mahuli Fort Trek

Very popular among rock climbing enthusiasts, this trek is for those who are looking at taking on something very adventurous. Mahuli is at the highest altitude in the Thane District giving you a good view of the gorgeous landscape below. The path for the trek is well laid out makes it very easy to follow. The different landscapes that the trek offers make this a very adventurous trek for those who are looking at trekking near Mumbai.

6. Harishchandragad Fort

A very famous trekker’s paradise near Mumbai, Harishchandragad Fort attracts rock climbing enthusiasts. While the trek is physically daunting, this is no less than a visual treat to senses. The cliff here is a 80˚ concave incline that will most likely remind you of a Cobra’s hood. The cliff is also known to give you one of the most enchanting views of the sunset. You could choose to camp at the site or descend. The pan view once you reach the top is absolutely mesmerizing. The fort has about 9 caves all of which dates back to the sixth century.


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