All You Need to Know About the Benefits of a Thread Lift

We’ve all been there, watching ourselves age in front of our eyes, but it’s hard to comprehend how much better we could look with a surgical face lift. Thread lifts are the best way to get back the tight, young face and neck you once had while avoiding surgery.

What does it do?

Sagging skin may be lifted with sutures, a minimally-invasive technique for enhancing skin elasticity and firmness. This therapy is suggested for people who have moderate amounts of sagging.

Before putting the thread into place, the expert will give local anesthetic to target regions. The tissue is held in place by the cones on the thread, which adhere to it and keep it secure.

Advantages of Thread Lifting

Avoiding major incision and deep dissection
Shorter cycle time
Recovery time is shorter
It’s a lot less painful
Depending on the type of treatment used, side effects are less frequent
In-office treatment

Disadvantages of Thread Lifting

Excess skin is not corrected by repositioning
Results that are only temporary

Risks and adverse effects

Lifting of the skin with bioresorbable threads has been used for a long time. The skin is lifted once the bioresorbable strings are put in place. The threads dissolve over time, stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. Rare adverse effects occur, but it is critical to see a qualified professional healthcare provider if you have any.

What are the most common side effects?

Minor bruising
Snapping of threads
Accumulation of blood (hematoma)

Symptoms that are not common

Dimpling (orange peel-like skin texture)
Salivary gland injury
Visible sutures (especially in people with thin skin)

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