The importance of women’s health

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of women’s health. Many ladies have busy lives and don’t take the time to keep track of their health and wellness, yet good health should be a top priority. Continue reading to discover why you should put your own well-being first, as well as how the Western Specialist Centre can assist.

Why women’s health?
According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, one in two Australian women has a chronic illness. This demonstrates how crucial it is for women to begin thinking about their health now.

You are investing in your future by keeping up with your health and making beneficial adjustments that last a lifetime. Furthermore, devoting more time to yourself implies you are better equipped to look after those you love and care about. So it’s high time to put yourself first and have a serious discussion about women’s health.

Causes to be aware of
There are a number of women’s health disorders that are unique to females. Here are some of the most significant ones to be aware of, including those that may need specialised treatments from doctors and nurses who have extensive experience in providing women’s healthcare:

Breast cancer
Breast cancer is a disease in which the cells that line the breast lobules or ducts grow erratically and have the potential to spread throughout the body. It affects people of all ages.

Ovarian cancer
Ovarian cancer is the most common of all female cancers in Australia, affecting eight percent of women. Ovarian cancer happens when abnormal cells in the ovary, fallopian tube, or peritoneum develop in an uncontrolled manner. There are three different types of ovarian cancer:

1. Common epithelial type – It originates from the ovary’s outer cells.
2. Germ cell type – Arises from the cells which produce eggs
3. Rare stromal type – The ovaries are held in place by supporting tissue within the body.
Ovarian cancer typically goes unnoticed until it has spread throughout the pelvis and stomach, at which time it is too late to treat. It’s more challenging to cure in this stage since it’s more likely to be fatal.

Pregnancy issues
Pregnancy is both exciting and frightening. That is why it is critical to have support and direction throughout your pregnancy in order to guarantee that you and your baby are well
taken care of physically and psychologically.

Pregnancy can exacerbate pre-existing illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes, and sadness. Anemia or even depression may be induced by pregnancy if the health of the mother’s red blood cells drops.


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