5 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Coconut oil is made of the fruit of the coconut palm tree. coconut oil is comparatively unique as an ingredient because it have both antibacterial and hydrating properties. once virgin coconut oil is heated merely on top of room temperature it softens, and you will be able to apply it topically throughout your hair and scalp with a comb or with your fingers.

Coconut oil will work likewise, or better, than many commercial hair product at adding shine, smoothness, and strength to your hair. Following are the benefits of coconut oil which will make you think about replacing your traditional hair oil with this natural oil alternative.

Ayurvedic medicines for hair growth / loss which have coconut oil as key ingredient are highly beneficial for hairs

1. Strengthens and repairs

The fatty acids stored in coconut oil provides it a moisturizing quality. which means that on a small level, coconut oil will fill in the gaps in hair strands that are broken. this is the aim of most hair conditioning products, that tend to contain mineral oil. A study found that coconut oil works better than mineral oil at penetrating the follicle and making hair stronger. One study found that hair treated with coconut oil over sixteen weeks experienced less breakage from environmental damage.

2. Moisturizes your hair and scalp

The coconut plant stores an incredible amount of water in its fruit. when the fruit is refined into oil, the oil maintains a hydrating ability. this means coconut oil is a wonderfull moisturizer for dry skin. This moisturizing property means when coconut oil is applied to the hair follicles and skin it soaks in and leaves your skin cells plump and healthy.

3. Reduces dandruff

Dandruff on your head includes white flakes of dull skin and an itchy scalp. A range of things can cause it. using coconut oil can address the majority causes of dandruff by killing harmful bacteria that tries to live on the scalp. The oil also moisturizes the skin beneath your hair.

4. Deep cleans the scalp

The antibacterial properties of coconut oil fight against irritants which will slink on your skin. coconut oil contains lauric acid, which studies show it can fight bacteria. This extends to protecting your scalp from bacteria like staphylococcus and candida, which may overgrow and turn into an infection. coconut oil could build your scalp a place where harmful bacteria are less likely to colonize. Some scalp infections treated with coconut oil have completely cleared.

5. Thickens hair faster

Applying coconut oil to your hair may even help it grow faster. but there are no studies that reveals coconut oil’s direct impact on hair growth. Having stronger hair that’s resistant to breaking will contribute to your hair’s growth over time. Massaging coconut oil into your hair, will increase the blood flow in you head.



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